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Senior Caregivers Sarasota

Senior Caregivers Sarasota

Caregivers United is a leading agency for senior caregivers in Sarasota, relying on responsible, compassionate, and skilled nurses/caregivers to look after your senior. Whether your senior suffers from dementia, cardiovascular conditions, or requires injury recovery care, we can help you find the right professional for the job.

How to choose a home care provider

Hiring a home care provider for your loved one's personal and medical needs can be an intimidating process. Here's how you can find one of the best senior caregivers in Sarasota, FL:

  1. Assess your needs by meeting with a reputed home care provider for an initial assessment visit.
  2. Choose a reputed Sarasota caregiver services provider that will take care of conducting background checks, confirming certifications, etc. By working with the best caregiver agency in Sarasota, you can also save costs significantly.
  3. Inquire the agency about the process they follow for conducting background checks, the caregiver training that they offer, and the hiring standards they follow. You must also make sure that the agency supervises the quality of care provided by caregivers through random drop-in supervisor visits and customized software for managing caregiver shift check-in and check-out time.

More importantly, discuss a care plan with the home care agency to make sure that the caregiver addresses and meets all of your senior's unique needs. Rely on a reputed and experienced agency for elderly care in Sarasota, FL, to put your mind at ease.

Should I hire a caregiver?

When deciding whether to hire a caregiver or not, two factors come into play: the desire for independence and the desire to stay in one's own home. While there are plenty of residential care facilities across the country with modern amenities and high-end safety features, as a senior, you may feel reluctant to leave your current home and move into a retirement community. In-home caregivers serve as a midway point between life at an assisted living facility and total independence. 

If your medical condition allows you to stay in the comfort of your home, but you feel like you need assistance with managing everyday affairs, hiring an in-home caregiver may be your best bet. Our Sarasota caregiving services will get you the most experienced and compassionate staff to help you lead a fulfilling retirement life.

What does in-home include?

In-home care includes a broad range of services from providing companionship to assistance with daily living activities, medication supervision, running errands, etc. In-home care is for seniors who wish to stay at home but cannot meet the needs of their daily living on their own.

Generally speaking, in-home care includes daily living assistance such as walking, bathing, transferring, dressing, eating, using the toilet, etc. You may also request assistance with non-medical care services such as companionship, laundry, housekeeping, meal preparation, shopping, running errands, transportation, medication reminders, etc.

Contact Caregivers United today at (941) 225-0055 to request a courtesy visit. Our team of compassionate, supportive, and highly experienced senior caregivers in Sarasota can make your loved one's life comfortable, easy, and fulfilling by providing them with a whole range of services.

Senior Caregivers Sarasota
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Senior Caregivers Sarasota
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