Outpatient Programs In Orange County

Outpatient Programs In Orange County

Substance abuse did not die down after the hippie season in the 70s. Instead, it continues to grow by adopting the most recent drugs with the highest demand. Some people do not consider themselves drug addicts because they somewhat control their habits. Despite the sense of normalcy, consistent drug use will alter your mind and body in microscopic ways until you are on a completely different life path and thought pattern.

This group of people with a mild relation to drugs could benefit from the outpatient program. The reason is that inpatient Orange County addiction rehab services only treat intense drug addictions for a short period, whereas the outpatient program treats milder cases for longer.

Overview of our addiction treatment Orange County CA


One needs to sync up with the facility even if you undertake the outpatient programs in Orange County. Our admission healthcare team will be your first encounter with compassion without judgment because our aim is not to invade your privacy but to learn how best to help you recover.

The first step is to book you in for admissions and scan your health for emotional and physical wellness. We will ask questions about the frequency and types of substance abuse and offer a treatment program to meet your individual needs.

Multiple meetings

The outpatient program is different because it has a different level of supervision. Unlike an inpatient rehab in Orange County CA, we do not want to hover over you every day but allow you the freedom to have a life and attend meetings a couple of times every week. Averagely, you will participate in a discussion three or four times each week for a maximum of four months. The flexibility gives you time to recover your social and career life while integrating with the community with a new sense of self.

Our outpatient programs in Orange County make a huge difference in your recovery because you can choose between individual and group therapy sessions. We have a group therapy format that allows you to connect with people of similar afflictions while maintaining a healthy balance of clients in group sessions, or private settings to hold specific talks with a professional.

Professional therapists

People going through rehab have a lot in common and share a rare tapestry of friendship towards creating a new life. However, our Orange County addiction treatment hospital recognizes a professional therapist's value to support your treatment and always has a licensed one in attendance. Our therapists will give you the space to identify distorted thinking while ensuring you stay motivated for the entire outpatient treatment course.

How hard is an outpatient treatment program?

Clients leaving the residential treatment program to start the outpatient program feel a breath of fresh air as they get to experience life with renewed sensibilities. The biggest concern is whether the outpatient program is just a hard as the inpatient.

Our Orange County drug rehab believes that overcoming drug addiction is one of the most challenging and rewarding things you can do. The good news is that you have the energy to power through outpatient treatment programs with the support of professional therapists who understand your plight. Talk to us at 949-899-6731 for more information and guide you through the insurance verification process for fast admission.


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Outpatient Programs In Orange County
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